Here at SeddonBC, we believe the strength of the church, the family, and the advancement

of the kingdom of God comes primarily through the leadership of men. We aim to provide

a place where men who desire to be fully devoted to their walk with Christ can lead well,

come for encouragement, accountability, community, and wisdom from God's word.

Whether you are a man of the woods, the waters, the golf course, or the city life; there is a

place for you here.

Men of Accountability is a fraternity of men who have a passion and desire to grow 

spiritually, lead their families, and lead their church. We have an understanding that the life

and future of our marriage, our home, and our church rests on the leadership of men and

whether or not we lead them well. We understand that leadership can be difficult, 

exhausting, and sometimes seem impossible; however, we also know that by joining this

fraternity of brothers in Christ, you can find encouragement, accountability, and community with and from other men who are facing the same struggles you face every day. Through relevant, biblical teaching, well-cooked meals, and community, M.O.A. is a place where men can come and grow personally and corporately in their walks with Christ. Even Christ, the strongest, wisest, and greatest man of all time, knew the need for community with other men. At SeddonBC, no matter what walk of life you are engaged in, our desire is that you engage with us through M.O.A. Men's Ministry. This world, our homes, and our churches need the strong leadership of men who lead well. You cannot accomplish this on your own, but we can together.