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Community Groups meet each week at 9AM every Sunday morning here on campus at Seddon Baptist Church. In any growing church, people often find it difficult to build relationships or get connected with others. We understand how difficult this can be, so here at SeddonBC, we have created a place to “get big” and a place to “get small”. What do we mean by a place to “get big” and a place “get small”? Our weekly worship services are designed for the corporate body of believers to join together as one voice to exalt the name of Christ and engage in worship through song, prayer, stewardship, and the preaching of God’s Word. As we gather together this is our place to “get big”. However, it is often difficult to connect with other people on a more personal/meaningful level in this venue. Understanding this, we developed Community Groups or our place to “get small”. Every week smaller groups of people with different backgrounds, stories, and interests meet together to study the Word of God, pray for one another, encourage one another, and hold each other accountable, so that together their lives can bring glory to God, and they can experience the joy of biblical, Christian community.

There is a class for everyone. If you are not currently connected with a group, contact the church and let us find a group suited just for you. 

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