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Here at SeddonBC, we believe that the women’s ministry is a vital part of the body of believers. Our goal, as a sisterhood of women, is to extend love and grace to others in all that we do. 

This ministry is designed to help you, as a woman, find your complete worth in Jesus Christ. May we see, in Him alone, there is indescribable peace, undeserved grace, and unwavering hope regardless of our circumstances. He is the Refuge that you have been searching for, the Mercy we so deeply need, and the Righteous King who lovingly intends to use all for His glory and His purpose.


We are all afraid of defeat, scared of rejection, and addicted to approval. However, as a child of God you will find strength, comfort, and acceptance in His word and in His way for your life {Psalm 46:5} God is within her; she will not fail.

No matter your circumstance, no matter your schedule, no matter your age, and no matter your stage of life, we want to invite you to find your place here at SeddonBC, in this sisterhood of women, joining together to find our purpose in Jesus Christ. 


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