Here at SeddonBC, we aim to provide junior high and senior high students with the tools

necessary to become fully devoted followers of Christ. It is our prayer that students who

connect with SeddonBC through the Warehouse Student Ministry will know Christ, obey

Christ, and enjoy Christ, and as they mature in Christ, they will grow to become willing

and ready to reinvest their faith in the lives of others.


SeddonBC Student Ministry: Vision Statement

In unity with the overall vision of our church, the WarehouseSM has adopted the following

statement as its vision and desire: "We exist to glorify God by becoming students who

love God, love people, and impact the lives of other students with the good news of

Jesus Christ."


By God's grace, we believe the most effective way to carry out our vision is to learn and

live six foundational truths. We believe these core truths are the pillars upon which everything else in a student's life, both presently and on into the future, will be built, carried out, and sustained for the glory of Christ and the joy of his people. Those core truths are as follows:


1. God's word is our foundation: We want to teach and cultivate in the lives of students that the wisdom, direction, principles, and commands found in the Word of God are the only absolute truths in all matters of life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We want to establish the conviction which holds the Word of God as the lens by which everything else they pursue is viewed and evaluated. We teach and promote and encourage this core truth because the Word of God is the only profitable resource guaranteed to mold students into becoming fully devoted followers of Christ and a generation of people who can eternally the world around them. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)


2. Expanded view of God: We want to lift the sights of teenagers to a higher, more in-depth view of God, His power, His character, and His affection for people. "Our faith will only be as strong and as deep as our understanding and perspective of the One who is Faithful." We want to equip students with a vibrant strong faith, and this can only be accomplished through a proper expanded view of God, and His view towards them. 


3. The Gospel: The gospel is the foundation, sustenance, and embodiment of the faithful follower of Christ. Every genuine believer has trusted in the gospel for salvation, stands upon the gospel as their eternal foundation, persevers by the gospel through seasons of suffering, and lives to know more fully, obey more fervently, and enjoy more supremely the truths of the gospel given to them from the Father, in the Son, by the Spirit. This is an essential truth to believe because apart from believing the gospel, the good news of Christ, one's sins are not forgiven, and one's life remains separated from God under the weight of his coming just judgment towards that sin and the sinner lost in sin. However, by believing in the gospel message, one can turn from sin and trust in Jesus for salvation, and all who do will be reconciled to God forever.


4. The Christian Life gives students the deepest meaning: John Piper makes this statement, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." Every pursuit taken in life is pursued in hopes of finding purpose, meaning, and happiness. We want to teach students that this type of life/desire can and will only be found in a life surrendered to Christ, His Word, and His Kingdom. The Westminster's Confession of Faith states, "The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." Eternal (unending) satisfaction and joy can only be found in a life lived to glorify God, and such a life comes with this promise guaranteed. We teach students to say no to sin and self and to their passions by training them to love Christ and His passions while praying Christ works this into their hearts for His eternal glory and the believer's eternal joy. 


5. Life is hard & suffering is coming: We want to prepare, equip, and encourage students that first, life is hard and suffering is coming, but also that there is encouragement, strength, and joy found in Christ in the midst of life's painful and difficult seasons. As parents, we often desire to protect our kids from all harm, but this will only set them up for failure and devastation when we are not there to save the day. However, if we prepare our teenagers to handle difficult seasons by the truth of Scripture, the promises of Christ, and faith in a God who is able; then they will be prepared to endure and overcome hard circumstances by standing strong in Christ and His power. Additionally, hardship and suffering is an essential mark of the true Christian life. Paul affirmed, "Those who desire to share in Christ's resurrection will also share in his sufferings." Furthermore, suffering, according to James, is necessary for the believer to learn steadfastness, persevere to the end, and be made complete in Christ. (Mark 13:13, James 1:2-4)


6. Promised glorious/hopeful future in Christ: We want to teach and strengthen students by leading them to hold fast to the promise given to those who are followers of Christ. This is the promise of a glorious, hopeful future in Christ for eternity lived in the perfect joy of our heavenly Father. One day every struggle with sin and every effect of sin will be defeated and abolished, and we as God's children will reign with Christ for all eternity. Whatever we faced in this life will be worth it compared to the glory experienced in the life to come. (Romans 8:18; 1 Peter 1:3-5)


SeddonBC Student Ministry: Teaching Platforms

Here at the Warehouse, we hope to help grow and mature students into becoming fully devoted followers of Christ by implementing our core truths through three main teaching/discipleship platforms: Warehouse Worship (Midweek Worship on Wednesday nights @6: 30pm)

Community Groups (On Sunday mornings @9am), and  Special Events. Our Warehouse Worship and Community Groups take place weekly, and our Special Events take place seasonally throughout the year. 

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Midweek Teaching Series

Join us for in-person, on-campus student worship. Our current #WarehouseStuMin teaching series is entitled: #WhosWhoInTheBible.

In this particular series, we will be looking at the "Great Characters of the Bible." The Scripture is full of real, ordinary people who became extraordinary by the power and direction of God.

If you are in the 7th-12th grade, we invite you to join us each Wednesday night @6:30pm.

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