Although Seddon Baptist Church has moved in prayer and wisdom to reopen our campus for in-person gathering, we realize there are many who are unable to attend or uncomfortable attending at this time. Therefore, we are

offering an online experience as well. 

If you decide to worship on campus then register for one of our in-person gatherings (9am or 11am). To do so, simply click the registration page to register you and your family.

Additionally, if you missed this past week's #WednesdayWisdom, you can view any previous devotions here or view any and all SeddonBC media via our Media Player.

To engage in our online worship experience, view the social media window to the right, and locate our most recent #SeddonBCWorshipExperience. Our Sunday worship services usually broadcast live at 9am and are then archived for later engagement. May God's glory be made known, his gospel proclaimed, and his joy cultivated in the lives of his people. #LGLPMD

***We are working to bring a single "viewer-friendly" window which will broadcast our live feeds directly to those who seek to worship online. In the meantime, you can locate the #SeddonBC live feed via Facebook.  

Give Online: Even when we can't be together, your giving matters.