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Here at SeddonBC, we aim to provide a safe, fun, and exciting atmosphere for our babies

and toddlers. We make it our goal to create an environment that children desire to engage

and parents feel comfortable letting go. We understand that the opportunity to worship, be

in community with other adults, and sometimes to simply have a break does not come often

for parents of small children. This is why we work diligently to have the facilities and staff

available to extend adequate love and care to your kids; in order, that you may enjoy some

time to yourself. Join us for worship, and allow us to minister, love, and care for your children

while allowing Christ to minister to your soul. Here at SeddonBC, we have a saying, and

although it is a little silly; we believe it to be the reason why nursery ministry is important:

"Changing diapers changes lives".

SeddonBC Nursery Availability

Generally, the SeddonBC nursery is available to parents during all major worship experiences and special events. Below is a list of weekly availability for parents:

Sunday Worship Times

Community Groups: 9am

Morning Worship: 10am

Seddon Kids Worship: 10am

Midweek Worship Times

Adult Worship: 6:30pm

Student (Warehouse) Worship: 6:30pm

Seddon Kids Awana's: 6:30pm

SeddonBC Nursery Staff/Volunteers

Our SeddonBC nursery is fully staffed each week according to state requirements concerning the child to personnel ratio. In addition to our staff, there is always a director available to parents/children during operation.


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