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Our prayer is that you will choose to join us for worship at our physical location. However,

we also know and understand that oftentimes before people choose to visit your physical

location; they would like to know what to expect when they get there! Here is the beginning

of what to expect at a SeddonBC worship experience, and our desire is to see you come

and join us for this incredible time together. #LoveGodLovePeopleMakeDisciples


Worship Experience

The SeddonBC worship experience is our corporate, weekly worship services held on

Sundays @10AM and during the midweek @6:30 PM. The worship style offered here at

SeddonBC is what we call, "praise and worship". During our Sunday morning services, our

corporate worship is lead by a dynamic worship team through media (muilt-tracks), and they

are joined by a 40+ member worship choir. In our corporate worship, we believe, "Where the

Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom". This includes the freedom to worship through song, prayer, the preached Word of God, and giving. Our focus for Sunday mornings is to use our services to reach the community with the gospel by loving God, loving people, and making disciples.  During our midweek service here at SeddonBC, we tend to slow things down a little. Our worship is lead once again by the SeddonBC worship team, and the atmosphere is one of a teaching format. Typically during our midweek services, our Senior Pastor, Dale Foote, uses this platform to teach the body of Christ. Often times during these worship experiences, we walk through entire books of the Bible, church doctrines, etc. We come every week believing the presence of the Lord is going to "show up and show out" in the lives of people through the power of the gospel during corporate worship. Our prayer is that you choose to join us this week for a SeddonBC worship experience.  


Groups for All Ages

Here at SeddonBC, we want to make it possible for people to connect with God and with others. Our church is designed to be a community of faith, where ordinary people can take steps to know Christ more and help others do the same. Our desire is that you as an individual take steps to go to the next level in your walk with Christ and engage the community around you. Our desire as groups of people is that we love God, love people, and make disciples. We understand that often times in the corporate worship services, relationships with others can be hard to develop. Here at SeddonBC, we offer a place to get big "corporate worship" and a place to get small "community groups". Our groups are designed and available for people of all ages. We believe there is something powerful when people have a group of friends they can count on to encourage them, pray for them, hold them accountable in the faith, come together for fellowship and events, and do life together. Our SeddonBC community groups meet every week on Sunday mornings @9AM at our physical location. We invite you to join a family you can count on here at SeddonBC by checking out our community groups. 


Worship Apparel

One of the most humiliating parts of life is to attend something somewhere you have never been and feel under, over or inadequately dressed for the occasion. Here at SeddonBC, we understand this fear and awkward part of life, so here are a few tips about the worship apparel worn by those attending SeddonBC currently. On any given week, there is great diversity in apparel from those visiting/attending our services, and here at SeddonBC, we welcome diversity. We believe the foundation of the gospel is to reach people of all nations, cultures, backgrounds, and clothing types (ok maybe that last part isn't exactly included in Scripture; however it is implied). Here you will meet individuals who prefer to dress more formal with suits and ties for the men and nice dresses for the ladies; however, we also have those who prefer to dress more casual with blue jeans and polos for the men and pants and shirts for the ladies. In fact, we even have a few who prefer to wear shorts and flip flops if the weather is permitting. Our point is this, come as you are and feel comfortable worshipping with our community of faith without being judged. The only thing we ask is that what you wear not be a distraction to worship due to immodest apparel. We are here to focus on Christ, not us. Come and join us for worship, the gospel is for everyone. 


Child Care

Here at SeddonBC, we understand the often stressful task of finding child care for your kids in order for you to enjoy what you are attending. With this in mind, here at SeddonBC, we offer childcare for all ages from infants to 6th grade. During any given worship experience, there is something for your children to take part in themselves. Our Senior Pastor, Dale Foote, makes this statement, and it is something we believe as a church, "Kids are not the next generation; they are the generation of now." With this as our mission, we work diligently to provide an awesome atmosphere for your kids. During all of our services, we offer infant up to 3yrs of age care in our Nursery Center. For those ranging in age from preschool to 6th grade, we offer Seddon Kids church, Seddon Kids worship choir, and Awana Clubs pending which services you attend. While you are being invested in spiritually as an adult; we desire that your kids are also adequately taken care of and invested in as well. For more information concerning our Seddon Kids and or Seddon Nursery click the ministry title. To contact these ministries, click here. We hope you will choose to join us for worship knowing we care as much for your kids as you do!

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